Writing Center Printables

Why do people write? These printables for your Pre-K Writing Center will help teach children the purposes for writing. People write to send messages on greeting cards and post cards, and people write for fun when they fill in crossword puzzles.

Writing Center Printables for Pre-K Kids

Pre-writers can have fun spelling out their name with the Pasting Letters, and practice fine motor skills with the Dot-to-Dot page. Find more writing printables here at Pretend Play Writing Printables.

You can print and copy these on a copy machine, or save paper by laminating them to use with dry erase markers.

Alphabet Letters for Pasting

Make copies of these letters on white or colored paper and cut them out. (You could also let the children cut them.) Children use these letters in the Writing Center to spell out their names and other words by gluing them on their paper.

Alphabet Letters

Download: Alphabet Letters

Greeting Cards

Print and fold these greeting cards to place in the Writing Center. Children use them to decorate and practice writing. These cards cover major U.S. holidays as well as birthday cards that you can use all year. Each card has a small symbol at the top to help non-readers identify which holiday the card represents, but there is plenty of space for the children to decorate the card themselves.

Greeting Cards

Download: Greeting Cards

Post Cards

Print and cut apart these post cards. Cardstock paper would be the ideal paper for post cards, however regular copy paper is fine and costs less. Show children examples of post cards so they understand the purpose of writing and sending them, as well as how they look. Point out the picture on the front and the areas for writing the address and a message on the back. Have children practice writing on the back and decorate the front by drawing a picture.


Download: Post Cards


Print these crosswords to place in your Writing Center. These are special Pre-K crosswords! Some children may choose to write out their name in a row of blocks, but otherwise, all they have to do is write letters in the white squares. They will feel so grown up filling in a crossword puzzle! Show them a real crossword puzzle from a newspaper and explain how grown ups use them. I made the squares gray so these sheets won’t use too much ink from the copy machine. You can also choose between the shaded gray squares or the striped gray squares, depending on your preference and/or your copy machine. The striped squares will use less ink. There are 3 different puzzles with squares in different places on each.



In this Pre-K Dot-to-Dot activity, children draw lines from one dot to another, and continue drawing lines up, down, and across until their page is filled with lines. Drawing lines from dot to dot helps children build fine motor skills. If you would like to print smaller Dot-to-Dot cards, follow the directions here to print the size you want.


Download: Dot-to-Dot

I hope these printables help your Pre-K students build writing skills while having fun! Find more Pre-Writing Activities here.

Graphics Credits:
Letters: Dancing Crayon Designs
Markers: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs

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