Pre-K Writing Center

Pre-K, Preschool Writing Center

What’s in the Pre-K Writing Center

Writing Instruments

It’s fun to sort these by color in clear cups. Here are some writing instrument ideas:

  • Flair pens are some of the best pens for young children to write with because it doesn’t matter what angle they hold the pen, it will still write for them. They also are less likely to damage the tip by pressing too hard.
  • Thin markers (skinny markers)
  • Colored pencils (These are Twistable colored pencils in the photo below)
  • Regular pencils (I recommend the Tri-Write Ticonderoga)
  • Novelty pens (My students loved using these dinosaur, lizard, and alligator pens)
Writing Center Utensils
Writing Center Fancy Pens

Paper (Colored and White)

Include colored and white paper for children to write on. Since colored paper typically costs more, you can cut the sheets in half. Also try asking print shops if they will donate scraps. You can get some great paper that way.

Writing Center Paper


Including envelopes is fun for children to make pictures for family and friends and put inside the envelopes. It is not necessary to buy envelopes– simply collect junk mail envelopes. Ask parents and friends to collect these as well.

Writing Center Envelopes

Letter Stencils (Uppercase and Lowercase)

Add letter stencils for children to trace. It’s also fun to add picture stencils, and you can often find these to match holidays and themes.

Writing Center Stencils

Stapler and Tape

Add a stapler and tape to the center for children to make their own books. Be sure to teach them how to safely use these first.

Writing Center Supplies

Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards allows children to practice writing without worrying about mistakes, which makes these great for preschoolers.

Be sure to teach them to place caps on the back while using them, and place the cap to close it when finished. Crayola also makes dry erase markers and crayons.

Pieces of felt or socks work great for dry erasers!

Writing Center Dry Erase Boards

Name Cards

Every preschool writing center must have name cards! Each child’s name is written on a card with their photo. Place each child’s card in a pocket chart to hang near the writing center. Children can take these out of the poicket chart to write a friend’s name, then place them back in when finished.

Writing Center Name Cards

Picture-Word Cards

Children love to copy picture word cards onto their paper. Add picture word cards for common words children might use and/or words that go with your current topic of study.

You can hook cards on rings to hang near the Writing Center on hooks (the 3M sticky hooks work great), or you can place the cards in a pocket chart.

Get a huge collection of Picture-Word Cards for free here!

The cards below are displayed for children in a pocket chart:

Weather Picture Word Cards in a Pocket Chart

The cards below are grouped by topic on rings: clothing, nature, vehicles, food, animals, shapes, colors, numbers.

Writing Center Word Cards


Add rubber stamps and ink pads for children to decorate their writings and mail. Sets can often be found to match themes and holidays.

Writing Center Stamp Sets

Magna Doodles

We have special cards that fit on these Magna Doodles for children to trace letters.

Writing Center Magnet Boards

Writing Center Printables

You can add some interesting greeting cards, postcards, and make your own letter “stickers” to add some fun to the center. Get the free Writing Center printables here!

Writing Center Printables for Pre-K Kids

Write the Room

Have clipboards available that children can use to carry around with them if they want to write things they see around the room. Read more about Write the Room and get free printables here!

Writing Center
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