Pre-K Math Center

A math center helps children practice important early math skills. To create an engaging and educational preschool math center, you can include materials and activities that encourage children to explore counting, sorting, patterns, shapes, and number recognition

This shelf houses both the math and literacy center materials. The rolled beige mats on the top right of the shelf are used for working with materials on the floor.

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Basic Materials for the Math Center

What’s in the Math Center

Here are a few examples of activities to place in the Math Center. Click each image to go to that activity.

Pattern Block Mats (Printables)
roll and cover games for math
Bug Jar Math Printables
Printable Board Game for Counting Practice
Rainbow Measurement Activity for Preschool Math
Christmas Math Weighing Gift Boxes
Candy Shop Math for counting skills
Color Pattern Cards Printable

I change the materials during the year, depending on what we are learning. To see more activities to include in the Math Center, check out these pages:

I also include many math activities you will see on the Themes pages.

A math center is a great way to introduce young children to early math concepts. Set up an interactive area where children can learn math with hands-on materials. Make the center engaging for little learners by adding fun math games and interactive activities.

The goal of a math center to encourage children to explore math at their own pace. Children grasp mathematical concepts better when they can manipulate objects and tools. Math centers help develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.

Rotate activities! Keep the math center fresh and interesting to children by rotating activities and materials. Change math activities to fit your thematic unit studies or the current season. Change activities as children progress to harder skills. Add activities that reinforce what you’ve taught during small group and circle time lessons.

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