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Roll and Cover games are dice games that help children practice numeral recognition and counting. While using the 1-12 Roll and Cover game mats, advanced students will also practice addition.

roll and cover games for math

These games are easy prep and once the children understand how to play, these games can be used in the Math Center all year by simply changing out the Roll and Cover themed mat.

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How to Prepare the Roll and Cover Games

I have included both color and blackline versions so you can pick your preference. If you choose the color version, I recommend laminating it to reuse each year. Use the color version with manipulatives, such as cubes, plastic chips, or flat floral marbles to cover the numbers. Use the blackline version to save ink and use these with manipulatives or with bingo dot markers. Decide if you want to use the 1-6 numeral mat or 1-12 mat.

How to Play Roll and Cover Games

Children will roll a game die, count the dots on the die, and find and cover that number on the mat. They will continue rolling and covering until each space is covered and the game is complete. If you would like for children to practice matching numerals, make your own game die with a wooden or foam cube and write the numerals on the die.

Use one game die with the mat that has numerals 1-6. Use two game dice with the mat that has numerals 2-12, and have children add the dots on the two dice.

I currently have 19 Roll and Cover Games available now. I will be adding more games! Check back at this page to see the new games, or subscribe to my emails to get updates.

Roll and Cover Game Apple

How to Differentiate the Games for Different Learners

Differentiate this game by:

  • Using the 1-6 math with 1-6 numeral dice (so children are matching numeral to numeral).
  • Using the 1-6 math with 1-6 dotted dice (so children are counting the dots and matching it to the numeral).
  • Using the 1-12 mat with two dotted or numeral dice (so children are adding).

One way to differentiate this game in your Math Center is by printing both the 1-6 and 1-12 mats, then place them back-to-back in a page protector. Kids can just flip the mat to the side they need.

If you like these games, you might also enjoy Grid Games and Bingo Stamping Games.

Download the Roll and Cover Games

To download, just click each image below. These are free printables.

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