Rainbow Measurement Activity for Preschool Math

Bring colorful fun into your preschool math lessons with this engaging rainbow measurement activity!

With some rainbow striped ribbon and a sheet of white craft foam, you can create rainbow clouds to use as a hands-on measuring tool for your little learners.

This rainbow measurement activity will go great with a Weather Theme or St. Patrick’s Day Activities.

Rainbow Measurement Activity for Preschool Math

Rainbow Measurement Activity

To prepare the materials for the measurement activity, measure and cut the ribbon in different lengths, such as 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, and so on, up to 10 inches (or more if you choose).

Cut off pieces of the white craft foam and cut them into cloud shapes. You can free hand these clouds when cutting, because they don’t have to be exact.

Rainbow Measurement Activity: Rainbow Ribbon and Foam Clouds for math

You can buy rainbow ribbon from Amazon (affiliate).

Prep Rainbow Ribbon for math activity

Attach the rainbow ribbons to the clouds with hot glue or any glue that is durable. (Before you glue them, check out the alternate way to use these below, in case you’d rather use these with the number clouds.)

Attach rainbow ribbon to white foam clouds

When these are ready, have children measure the rainbow ribbons with linking cubes or any other math manipulative you choose.

Preschool measurement activities: measure the rainbow with cubes

Measure and Match the Rainbows to the Clouds

Alternatively, here’s a different way to use the ribbons and clouds. Instead of gluing the ribbons to the clouds, you can leave them separate. Write numbers on each cloud using a permanent marker.

For this rainbow measurement activity, have children measure the rainbow ribbons, count how many cubes long it is, and match it to the number cloud.

Rainbow Measurement Activity: Measure the rainbow ribbons and match to the number clouds

Arrange in Order by Size

You can also use these same rainbows for putting them in order by size. You might want to give children just 3 sizes, or 5 sizes, or more depending on their skill level.

Rainbow ribbon for measuring

More Ways to use Ribbons as a Learning Material

Ribbons are an inexpensive way to make learning fun and interesting! You will enjoy these other ways to use ribbons as a learning material.

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