Letter Tumble

This owl letter tumble game can be used to practice matching letters. Withe this game, children can match uppercase to uppercase letters or uppercase to lowercase letters.

Letter matching is an important first step for children to learn to recognize letters of the alphabet. In this activity, children won’t have to name the letters, but they will use visual discrimination skills to match letters.

Owl Letter Tumble printable game

How to Make the Owl Letter Tumble Game

To make the game, you will need to print the owl letter mats, laminate if you choose, and cut them out. You will need some letter manipulatives, such as letter magnets or letter tiles.

You can print free paper letter tiles here.

Place the letters that children will need for their letter mat in a cup. For beginners, place 5 letters in a cup and pair it with one mat. That way, the children will only have to sort through 5 letters. For children who are more familiar with letters, you could give them 10 letters with 2 mats (or more).

Owl Letter Tumble Game
Owl Letter Tumble Game

How to Play the Owl Letter Tumble Game

Children will “tumble” the letters out (dump them out of the cup). To cut down on noise, give them a piece of felt to dump their cup of letters on.

Owl Letter Tumble Game with cup of letters dumped out

Children will then look through their letters and match them to the owls on the letter mat.

You can also clip the letter mat to a magnetic board to be used with magnetic letters.

Owl Letter Tumble Game with a magnetic board
Owl Letter Tumble Game with a magnetic board

Download the Owl Letter Game Printables

This is a free printable. Just click to download!

Download: Owl Letter Tumble Game

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