Printable Song Books for Kids

These printable song books can be used  in the classroom while singing songs. They can also be added to a Listening Center with a recording of the song.

Printable Song Books for Kids

Children can use them to sing along as they “read” or sing the pages.  We also use several of the “Raffi Songs to Read” books which can be purchased at

How to use these books:

  • Print the PDF, assemble the book, and use in your classroom or library.
  • Open the PDF in iBooks on your iPad for an eBook.
  • Use the PDF as a slideshow on a projector. (Just hit the down key to change slides.)

Please read the Terms of Use

Free Printable Song Books

More books to come!

More Printable Books are available here

Printable Song Books from My Shop

Originally published September 2009. Updated February 2022.

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