Pre-K Assessment Forms

These assessment forms for Pre-K can be used to record children’s progress as you work with them during learning activities or observing them through play.

Assessment Forms for Preschool & Pre-K

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Terms of Use:
These printables are free for use in classrooms; however they are not to be re-published or sold in any form. If you wish to share these printables with other teachers, you may do so by providing a link to this webpage. You may also share them in printed form as long as you are not selling or re-publishing them. If you have any questions, please contact me.

(These are not intended to be worksheets: you use them as you work with the child, or observe them through play. Use these to record children’s progress.)

Alphabet Assessment

You can either mark through the letters the children know with a highlighter or make a checkmark beside the letters with a pen. Use a different color highlighter or different color pen for each semester’s assessment. You can use this one sheet for a child for the whole year, and show a comparison of their progress with the different colors.

Letter Assessment

Download: Letter Assessment

Math Assessment

Use the colored highlighters or pens mentioned above on this sheet also. For the color assessment, show children pieces of construction paper. I cut them into squares about 4 inches and staple them into a flip book. For the counting assessment, I have children count Unifix cubes.

Math Assessment

Download: Math Assessment

Pre-K Alphabet & Math Assessment (On One Page)

This is the same Alphabet Assessment and Math Assessment above, but this one has the two assessments combined on one sheet.

Pre-K Assessment Sheet

Download: Letter & Math Assessment Sheet

Small Group Checklist

Use this Small Group Checklist to keep track of observations during small group lessons.

Small Group Checklist

Download: Small Group Checklist

Scissor Skills

Use this sheet to check off children’s scissor skills and grip as you observe them cutting.

Scissor Skills Checklist

Download: Scissor Skills Checklist


Use this sheet to check off which pattern types children have mastered.

Pattern Assessment Sheet

Download: Pattern Assessment

Name Writing Checklist

Use this form to keep track of where students are progressing in writing their name.

Name Writing Checklist

Download: Name Writing Checklist

Anecdotal Records Form

Use this form while observing children in Centers.

Anecdotal Record Sheet

Download: Anecdotal Record Sheet

Pre-K Progress Report (Editable)

This is a Pre-K Progress Report that you are welcome to use in your school. The PowerPoint version is editable. I’ve also included a cover. Print the cover and copy the cover and progress report back to back, then fold. (Clipart thanks to Whimsy Clips.)

Pre-K Progress Report Progress Report PDF
Progress Report (Editable PPT)
Pre-K Progress Report Cover Progress Report Cover (Editable PPT)

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