Exploring Science in Pre-K with Ramps

Exploring Ramps

Pre-K kids love exploring with ramps! I’ve posted other science activities here before involving ramps. We’ve explored ramps in our science center and we’ve experimented with ramps in small group, which you can find on the Transportation Theme page. Last week, I set up this ramp experiment as an independent small group activity. In my […]

Instant Snow Science

Instant Snow Science @ Prekinders.com

By now, pretty much everyone knows about Instant Snow. Today I’m sharing a printable recording sheet you can use along with the experiment, plus the details of how I do this experiment with my class. The recording sheet can be filled out either for each child or you can fill it out for the group […]

How Far Will a Magnet Jump?

Magnet Science

For this magnet activity, I first placed a long piece of masking tape on the table. The red dot drawn on the tape signified the starting point. The magnetic objects all begin at the red dot. We collected some objects that we knew were magnetic (by the time we did this activity, the children knew […]

Bubble Chemistry

Bubble Chemistry

Today, we made bubbles in my class for a science activity. I like to start with simple experiments with fewer steps early in the year. Materials Needed: liquid dish soap plastic spoons disposable cups measuring cups small pitcher of water rigatoni pipe cleaners Set Up: Gather all materials. Bend pipe cleaners into a bubble wand […]

Making Glue Experiment

making paste

Last week, we did one of my favorite science experiments: we made glue. The kids love this, too! In this experiment, we use the scientific method to determine what materials we can combine to make a glue that will stick paper together. Materials Needed: Water in a pitcher Paper cups (3 per child) Water droppers […]

Sound Games: Teach the Sense of Sound

Sound Game Science

Here are two games that teach children about the sense of sound. Click the link for more sound activities. Sound Game: What Is It? Several objects that make sound were placed behind a display board. A group of children sat on the other side of the display board while one child went behind the display […]

Make a Boat Experiment

boat experiment

  Scientific Objective: Exploring Density Materials Needed: Modeling clay (not play dough, not earth clay) Small tubs (enough for every pair of children) Bear counters Access to water Slice of bread Towels Set Up: Before the experiment, fill the tubs of water (about halfway). Procedure: Give each child a ball of clay and ask them […]

Absorption Experiment

Absorption Experiment

Experiment with water… Materials Needed: ice cube trays medicine droppers cups of water materials that absorb or do not absorb (ex: small piece of wood, facial tissue, tissue paper, writing paper, paper towel, Unifix cube, cotton ball, rock, etc.) baby diaper (optional) Set Up: Gather all materials. Place each kind of item that you will […]

Making Slime Experiment

Making Slime

This is fun to do around Halloween! Materials Needed: Liquid starch White school glue Food color Paper cups Disposable bowls Spoons Ziplock sandwich bags Wet wipes Set Up: Pour liquid starch into a paper cup for each child. Pour twice the amount of liquid glue into another cup for each child. You should have one […]

Skittles Experiment

Color Skittles Science

Exploring Colors: Floating S Experiment This is a really cool experiment I saw at a workshop I attended. Materials Needed: Disposable bowls Small cups Skittles candy Pitcher of water Printable recording sheet and crayons or markers Set Up: In advance, gather all materials. Place at least 3 Skittles in each child’s cup. I gave each […]