Summer Pineapple Play Dough Counting Mats

These Summer Pineapple Play Dough Counting Mats are a fun way to practice math and fine motor skills. You can find many more Play Dough Mats here.

Summer Pineapple Play Dough Math Mats

Just print out these play dough mats and slip into a page protector or laminate. Children can use yellow play dough to roll into a pineapple shape, while counting out how many to place on each mat!

These Pineapple Play Dough Mats will go great with Summer activities!

Counting and fine motor skills

The top of this mat above says “For Sale 7 pineapples.” Children will identify the numeral seven, and count out seven pineapples to place on the shop hut’s ten frame. The mats include numbers 1-10. There’s also a mat without numbers for the littlest learners who aren’t counting yet. You could also use two of these mats without numbers along with number cards to count 11-20.

Children can create the pineapples with play dough to place on the mat. You can use alternatives to play dough, such as pineapple mini erasers, craft foam pineapples, pineapple sequins, or table scatter pineapples.

Play Dough Counting Mats

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Download: Pineapple Play Dough Mats

Summer Counting Mats

Play dough is great tool for young children to build fine motor skills. It helps children exercise the fine motor muscles in their hands, and is also highly motivating for children. Children love to play with play dough. Rolling the play dough into balls to make the pineapples is a great exercise for those fine motor muscles. Learn more about all of the benefits of play dough in this article from Sensory Lifestyle.

Find more fine motor activities for Summer time with these Summer Fine Motor Activities.

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