Noah’s Ark: Christian Preschool Activities

These Noah’s Ark activities can be used in Christian Preschool programs and Sunday schools.

Noah's Ark Christian Preschool Activities

Noah’s Ark Sequencing

Print these story sequencing cards for children to sequence the story after you read it to them. Get the printable on this page: Bible Story Sequencing

Noah's Ark: Sequencing Activity

Noah Mini Book

Print this Bible story print & fold mini book and others on this page: Bible Story Mini Books

Noah's ark Bible Story Mini Book

Noah’s Ark Play Dough Mats

Print these Noah’s ark Bible Story Play Dough Mats to give children a fun way to review the story and exercise their fine motor muscles.

Download: Noah Play Dough Mats

Noah Bible Story Play Dough Mats

Noah’s ark “Draw It” Sheet

Print this activity for children to draw things for the story.

Download: Noah Draw It

Noah Bible Story Drawing Sheet

Noah’s Ark Story True/False Cards

Print these Noah Bible Story True/False Cards to check children’s comprehension of the story. There are 4 “true” cards — these cards have true facts with pictures from the story of Noah, such as “Rain fell for 40 days and water covered everything.” There are 4 “false” cards — these cards have things that aren’t true about the story, such as “Noah sold tickets to anyone who wanted a ride on the ark”.

Download: Noah True/False

Noah's ark Bible Story True False Game

Noah Bible Verse Printables

Print these Noah story Bible verse sheets for kids.

Download: Noah Bible Verses

Noah's ark Bible Story Verse Sheets

Noah Story Recall Set

Print and cut these story recall cards to have children recall who and what was in the Bible story. Check their understanding and comprehension of the story. There are 9 cards that represent the story, such as Noah, Noah’s wife, rain, dove, etc. There are 9 cards for things that were not in the story, such as burning bush, crown, cross, tornado, etc.

Download: Noah Story Recall

Noah Bible Story Recall

Story Sheet

Have children look at the pictures and only mark things that are in the story. Children can stamp the pictures with bingo dot markers, or circle them with a marker.

Download: Story Sheet

Bible Story Sheet Noah

Build a Boat

To make the boats, you need to use modeling clay (plasticine). Earthen clay or play dough will not work in water because it will dissolve and make a mess. Use a sensory table with water or fill small tubs or plastic shoeboxes with water.

Give each child a ball of clay and have them drop it into the water to see if it floats or sinks. Next, have them form a boat from the clay and try to make a boat that will float. Some children may need help. After they have a boat that floats, let them try putting mini plastic animal toys (such as bear counters) in the boat to see how many the boat will hold without sinking.

Build a boat: Noah's Ark

Coffee Filter Rainbow

Cut coffee filters in half so that you have semi-circles.

Have children decorate half of a coffee filter with washable markers. Make sure the markers are washable or water-based so the colors will “bleed” or spread when water is added.

Place small cups of water around the table for children to share and give each child an eye dropper. Have children use the dropper to drop “rain” over the coffee filter, and watch the colors blend together to make beautiful rainbows. Some children get carried away with the water drops, so make sure children don’t wash away all of their color with water.

Noah's Ark Rainbow Art

Clipart by Kari Bolt.

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