Groovy Joe & Ice Cream Graph Activities

Groovy Joe: Ice Cream & Dinosaurs, the latest book by Eric Litwin, is set to be released on August 30, 2016. You can bet there are songs to go with it! Eric Litwin is also the author of the first four Pete the Cat books and The Nuts series. Watch the Groovy Joe trailer and listen to the Groovy Joe book and song.

Groovy Joe Book Activities (Eric Litwin)

I created a printable Favorite Ice Cream Graph to go along with the book, and will share more activities. You can find more of my “Book-tivities” here.

The new Groovy Joe book has rhyming, repetition, and sharing with others. Groovy Joe will be a series (I love serial books for kids). I had the chance to talk to Eric Litwin, and he even recited a future Groovy Joe book to me over the phone. I can say it sounds awesome! This is going to be a great series.

In this book, a guitar-playing dog named Groovy Joe spots the ice cream truck. He sings a song about ice cream, and is all set to dig in when a dinosaur barges into the room. What does Joe say? “It’s awesome to share!” Throughout the book, Groovy Joe shares his ice cream until it’s all gone. To distract the hungry dinosaurs, Joe turns his ice cream tub into a drum and everyone joins in a dance.

Activities to do along with the Groovy Joe book:

  • Set up a Dramatic Play Ice Cream Shop
  • Teach a Dinosaurs Theme
  • Introduce math words: little, big, huge.
  • Introduce other vocabulary: burst, smashed, glared, empty, rose, share.
  • Teach rhyming: chair/share, yummy/tummy, dream/ice cream. (Have kids guess the word: “Groovy Joe was living the dream./ He had a spoon and a tub of ice ____.”)
  • Have a class discussion¬†about sharing.
  • Make a drum from an empty ice cream tub and have children beat the drum to the rhythm of the music.
  • Use the drum to “beat” the syllables in dinosaur words, such as “tri-cer-a-tops” or “ty-rann-o-saur-us”.
  • Stomp (like a dinosaur) for each word in the sentence “Love my doggy ice cream.”

Another activity after reading this book is to graph the kids’ favorite ice cream flavors. I’ve created a free print-and-cut graph you can use. More graphs like this are available in my shop: Graph Kit.

Download the Ice Cream Graph

Download: Ice Cream Graph

Note: This is a free printable, just click to download.

Favorite Ice Cream Graph

Books by Eric Litwin

More About Eric Litwin’s Books

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Eric Litwin is focused on making books that can be used by teachers. He is a former teacher himself. He connects literacy to music and movement with his books and uses call-and-response and repetition. He uses the Multi-Learning Approach in all of his books.

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