Farm Science Center

Here’s a Farm Science Center that is simple to set up and engaging for young children. This center not only fosters sorting and classifying skills but also encourages learning all about farm animals and farm life.

Set up this hands-on, interactive science center and your little learners will be transported straight to the countryside!

farm science center preschool kindergarten

Farm Science Center: Getting Started

Before unveiling the Farm Science Center to your little learners, I recommend spending some time exploring the world of farms by reading farm-themed books and engaging in class discussions about farm animals, the roles of farmers, and the various machines found on a farm. This gives children prior knowledge that is important for enriching the learning experience at the Science Center.

farm science center preschool kindergarten

Creating the Farm Science Center

To set up this center, here’s what you’ll need:

Visual Aids: 

Set up photos of farms, farm animals, and farm equipment in the Science Center. These visuals serve as conversation starters and spark children’s curiosity about farm life.

“What Belongs on a Farm?” Sign:

To add environmental print to your center, print the sign “What belongs on a farm?” I attached this sign to a white board in a wooden stand. 

Download the Farm Sign

Create Farm Terrain: 

Replicate the farm’s terrain by laying down brown and/or green felt on the Science Center table or shelf to represent ‘dirt’ and ‘grass’. Craft foam sheets are another great option for this purpose.

Farmyard Collection:

Collect mini farm animals and other related items like tractors, barns, wagons, and farmer figures. Place these in a basket for easy access. To contrast, include mini safari animals or any non-farm animals to encourage sorting and classifying. While optional, toy farm fencing can add a realistic touch. 

Children will classify the animals by placing the farm animals on the farm, and the non-farm animals outside of the farm.

These are the items I used (affiliate links):

farm animals sort and classify in the science center

The Activity in Action

With the stage set, invite your preschoolers to explore the Farm Science Center. Encourage them to use the mini farm animals and items to create their own farm scenes on the ‘land’ you’ve prepared. The inclusion of non-farm animals serves as a playful challenge, prompting discussions about why certain animals might not be found on a farm.

As your students play in the Farm Science Center, they’ll not only reinforce their knowledge of farm life but also sharpen their sorting and classifying skills.

farm animals in science center, sort and classify which animals belong on a farm

More to Add to a Farm Science Center:

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