Class Birthday Book

Young learners will explore the months of the year and learn their own special day with this fun, interactive birthday book. Watch as your preschoolers become excited about finding out what month they were born in!

Print this free class birthday book printable to help preschool children learn their birthday.

Class Birthday Book Printable

My class is currently learning to tell their birthday. We’ve been practicing with the Jack Hartmann song “Birthdays” (from the Math All Around Me CD) where the children “stand up when I say the month your birthday comes”. They ask me to play that song every day.

Here’s a printable birthday book I made for the traditional birthday rhyme “Apples, Peaches, Pears, Plums”.

Class Birthday Book Printable

The rhyme goes:

“Apples, peaches, pears, plums.

Tell me when your birthday comes.”

I read this book to my class, and have the children stand for their birth month. Then, point to each child’s name on that page, and have them say the month and day. (About half the class is able to say month and day so far.)

Use this Birthday Book at Circle Time, and also add it to your Reading Center for children to look at during the day!

Class Birthday Book Printable
Class Birthday Book Printable

Make the Birthday Book

To make the book, print out the pages and write the children’s names on the page of their birth month.

To make it reusable, laminate first and write the names with a wet erase marker.

There are several ways to bind the book. You can laminate the pages and bind it with a plastic binding comb. You could slip the pages into page protectors and bind them together with metal binder rings.  I like to use a “presentation book”. These are found in office supply stores, and they have clear page protectors which are pre-bound into a book. All I have to do is slip the pages in and it’s ready (and reusable).

Class Birthday Book Printable

Download the Birthday Book

Note: This is a free printable, just click to download.

Download: Birthday Book

You can find more pre-k birthday activities at Pre-K Pages: Birthdays and a Printable Birthday Crown and Certificate here at PreKinders.

Are you in a country other than the U.S. & need different symbols in this book?

Please help me help you! Contact me to let me know what symbols are needed for your country!

Class Birthday Book Printable

Originally published January 2013 – updated January 2022.

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