Valentine Mailboxes

Valentine mailbox made with glove box or tissue box

What  can you use for a Valentine mailbox that is a free recyclable and you can get in abundance (enough for your whole class)? Tissue boxes and latex glove boxes! You can actually use both since they are the same size and shape. I ask parents and friends to help save them. Last year, I had a parent who worked in a hospital and she saved the latex glove boxes for me from non-contaminated areas. She was able to send me two huge bags of them and it was enough for that year and this year, and they worked perfectly!

You can wrap them in red, pink or white bulletin board paper, wrapping paper, butcher paper, or brown shipping paper. Cut out the slot in the top and fold it back (the boxes already have a slot, so you are only cutting a slot in the paper). Write the children’s names on the top of each box with a bold black marker.

Materials to decorate:

  • foamies
  • paper cutouts
  • heart doilies
  • stickers
  • sequins
  • markers/crayons

Valentine mailbox made with glove box or tissue box

Find more Valentine ideas on my Valentine themes page. Also, check out my February pins on Pinterest.



  1. Mercedes Curaca says

    What a fantastic idea! Kids will love to decorate it.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Mercedes Curaca
    PK Bil.

  2. Christiane says

    Hi, I will use that idea and convert it into a chocolate gift box from my daughter to her daddy wrapping with a ribbon too :)
    What about your boxes? Who fills them up?
    Chris , all the way from the UAE :)
    Love your website
    Thank you

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