The Garden Shop

When my class took an interest in plants and flowers, I set up this Garden Shop for them.

To make room in the classroom for this center, I cleared off an entire shelf and moved what was there to our storage closet. We have a Pre-K standard that says children should be able to identify coins, so I added real money to this center for the children to pretend to buy the items from the Garden Shop. I added paper, markers, and a keyboard (cash register), and children practiced literacy and math skills by writing prices and words on receipts. I didn’t tell them to do that, but just by adding those materials to that area, children came up with the idea on their own.

Here is a  photo gallery showing what was in our Garden Shop. (Click the photos to view them larger.)

This little girl made use of everything she found in the Garden Shop. She built her garden with blocks. She used the garden rocks to “plant” her flowers (she made the flowers stand up better by putting the rocks in the flower pots). She’s watering with the watering cans, and wearing the apron, knee pads, and gloves.


  1. krista says

    I did something similar with my kinder kids, and added bark chips to our sensory table. They used that as “dirt” for potting the plants. We made a rule that you had to keep your gardening gloves on to avoid splinters.

  2. Ricki says

    I did something similar in my Pre-K class. We also put potting soil with various items (silk flowers, spoons, pots, gloves, etc) into our sensory table.

  3. says

    I love the store with real money. I don’t know why I’ve never tried it before. My oldest kids could probably manage it.

    Your girl who used everything sounds like someone who achieved the heights of play!

  4. Barbara says

    I do something similar in my classroom, but I also add handmade “order forms’ which are put on clipboards for the children to use. I also have plastic tubs labeled with color words and the students sort the flowers into the tubs when they clean up. They love it! I love the knee pads in your center!

  5. says

    I will be borrowing some of these ideas for our sensory table this month. In April we study bugs and flowers, and the color of the month is black. We will up with black beans (dried of course), flower pots, fake flowers, lil shovels, etc. But I love the addition of so many other accessories in your center!

  6. Margaret Bedwell says

    A wonderful site! I teach Pre-K; our theme at the end of the month is Gardening. Thank you for the photos and ideas.

  7. Augustina says

    I love this idea of a garden shop. I did something similar with my preschool class. I created a flower shop. I put various types of flowers out into separate containers. The students wrote the signs of the names of the flowers. I added tissue paper, pots, plastic bottles (vases), and cards. The students enjoyed giving flowers and cards to one another. But, I think I’ll switch it up yearly with the new idea presented here. Thanks!

  8. Tracy says

    Thanks for these great ideas. I look forward to them on facebook. Love the creativity and simplicity.

  9. Janet says

    Thank you for making this information readily available. It gave me great ideas to extend the children’s learning.

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