Summer Book Study: The Read Aloud Handbook

Summer Book Study: Read Aloud Handbook

As many of you will recall, in previous summers, I have teamed up with other early education bloggers to host a Summer Book Study. You can see the previous Book Study posts here:

This year’s Book Study will be on The Read Aloud Handbook (7th Edition), by Jim Trelease. The 7th Edition is available through Amazon (Print or Kindle) and the iBooks store. To find out more about the book and author, read the Pre-K Pages announcement here.

How to join the book study

While the Book Study will be hosted by 5 Pre-K – 1st grade bloggers, anyone can join! If you have an education blog of your own, you can blog about the chapters and link up your post to the Book Study using a Linky tool. If you are not a blogger, feel free to write your comments about the book on each chapter’s host blog. We want everyone to participate – no one is left out!

Book Study Schedule

{Schedule will be updated with a direct link to the blog post as they are published.}

Q&A with the Author

The Book Study begins on July 8th! Be sure to follow these blogs to stay updated with the Book Study. I will also post a link to each chapter’s post on my Facebook page.

Book Study Links


  1. Carol Mack says

    What a great site! I found you through an article link on Bookmarked you for future reference. Thanks for sharing your experience and great creativity!

      • Tracie Rice says

        No worries. I had just bought the old edition but have already gotten the new one as well. Thanks anyway. I am excited to be part of the study.

    • Joy says

      Tracie, I don’t know what the exact differences are between this edition and previous ones, but Trelease says each time a new edition comes out, the text changes by about 40%. He mentions some of the changes in this version on page xxii of the introduction. Hope that helps!

  2. Melissa Rosenblatt says

    I would love to join the book study, I’m not completely sure how to. Could you explain again how it world?

    • says

      You just follow the blogs posted above, and different chapters will be posted on different sites (the ones in the list). I will also post links via Facebook & Twitter.

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