Sequencing My Day

Introduce the concept of sequencing in Pre-K by making the sequence all about them. Children can sequence their morning routine — what they do before they get to school — to make the activity more meaningful and help them understand the concept.

Sequencing in Pre-K

Download the sequencing cards at the link below, and print, cut out, and laminate them. Make sure the children understand what each picture represents. Have the children use these cards to sequence their morning routine. After they wake up, what do they do first? Eat breakfast or wash their face? Each child’s sequence will be slightly different, according to their family’s morning routine. This set has 8 sequencing cards. Older children should be able to sequence all 8 cards, but you may want to limit the cards to 4 for younger children. (I tried to find more multicultural photos for these cards, but these are all that were available.)


Download: Sequencing Cards


  1. Jennifer says

    Could you make more sequencing cards? This is an important objective in Kindergarten, and I would love to have more practice!

    • says

      Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll add that to my list of ideas, but I can’t make a promise when I’ll get it done. :)

  2. Antoinette says

    I love your website… Thank you so much!… can’t let the day pass without looking through the stuff over and over… God bless!

  3. Krupa says

    I am so glad I can find so many things from your web side . Thank you very much . It will help me lot for my school children to develop their skills .

  4. Christy Chekwa says

    This website is such a BLESSING! You are an inspiration to the profession of early childhood development. “Thank you” is an understatement for the time and dedication you’ve put into helping other teachers and ultimately helping children around the world! I work for a charter school that has very little resources and training/preparation guidance. Coming to your site has been the motivation and must-needed help for a desperate first year Pre-K 4 teacher. May God richly bless you!

  5. Christina says

    I like the idea of the family sequence cards, however they are not representative of the diversity in my classroom.

  6. Gricel Maldonado says

    Im glad I found ur page… there are some great ideas I want to use in me new school year.. hopefully it wouldnbe productive these year.. thanks alot

  7. Thandeka says

    I work at a Non Governmental Organisation and I didn’t even know where to begin teaching early childhood development without experience your website has helped me alot you are an absolute blessing thank thank you thank!!!!!

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