Seed Sorting

We sorted seeds in the Science Center by moving four types of seeds from a bowl to four separate cups using the tweezers (great fine motor practice also).

We also sorted seeds by gluing them on paper. This is a good activity to save for portfolios.


  1. Mindy L says

    I love this site for getting great ideas to supplement my themes. I have used many of your printables already.
    This seed sorting activity is perfect for a fine motor activity.

    Thank you for the great ideas!
    Mindy L.

  2. Bobbi Capwell says

    This is exactly what I did when I was a Prek Teacher. It was so much fun.
    The children loved it.
    I enjoy sharing your ideas with the teachers at my schools. Thank you.

    • says

      I use different types. The ones in the 1st & 2nd photo are tomato, bean, corn, and watermelon seeds. In the bottom photo: pumpkin, black eyed pea, corn, and black bean. I don’t use the same ones every year, I just grab whatever seeds I see in the shop. Just don’t buy tiny seeds, like strawberry. If you find a local feed and seed store that sells seeds in bulk, they will sometimes donate seeds to teachers. I sometimes save seeds from food, like lemon seeds, apple seeds, cucumber seeds.

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