Rhyming Match Games

This printable rhyming set could be used in many ways and includes several pairs of matching rhyming picture cards.

rhyming match game

To play this Rhyming Match Game, print out the rhyming mats and the picture cards. Cut out the picture cards and put them in a bowl or basket with the corresponding mat. There are three sets of Rhyming Match Games. Children will take a card from the bowl and find the matching rhyming word on the mat. For example, if they draw a carrot from the bowl, they will match the card to the parrot on the mat. Continue playing until all cards are matched.

You can also cut the individual pictures on the mats if you want to have a set of rhyming card pairs for a variety of games.

Each set has a mat with 8 pictures and 8 matching cards. Download the sets below. These printables are FREE, just click the links to download.

More Resources

You might also like this set of What Doesn’t Belong: Rhyming cards, available in my shop. Its a unique way to practice rhyming skills.

What Doesn't Belong Rhyming Game


  1. Margaret says

    hey, love this site, my school is having a preschool class and this is an awesome way for the teens to teach the little ones

  2. Gianna says

    This is my first time on your site and I’m finding so many amazing ideas for my class. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Janice says

    I love the rhyming words and the pictures. Easy to access and great for teaching and playing games of rhyme. Thanks Janice

  4. Joan Schoppe says

    These pictures are so beautiful!!! I taught in Florida for 30 years and now I live here in Atlanta watching my grans grow up and tutoring.
    Thank you so much!

  5. Deb Culbertson says

    Great rhyming activities. This was just what I was looking for as I was browsing the internet. I should have known to go directly to prekinders.com!

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