Leaf Matching

leaf matching game printable

Print out two copies of the leaf matching cards, cut them out, and laminate. Children use visual discrimination skills to match the leaves that are the same. Since these are photographs of real leaves and children are using observational skills to notice differences in nature, I added these cards to our science center.

Download: Leaf Matching Cards


  1. Karina Vernon says

    You really have some helpful tips. Thanks ;0) I am not very creative, but I LOVE doing this kind of stuff with my 3 &5 yr old boys. I also share with their teachers.

  2. Jan Schilling says

    Hi, Karen! I would love to print these out, but at twice the size, for my little students with attention/ vision issues. Do you, by chance have a way to print them at 2 per page instead of 4? Thanks!

  3. pamilla says

    is it possible for you to upload the leaf matching cards. they look beautiful and I would so like to have them for my little

  4. KarenG says

    Wow…just found your site and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of these materials you’ve made with real pictures. Thank you so much!!! My class will adore them all!

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