How to Make English Christmas Crackers

Since the Christmas holidays are coming closer, I figured a busy teacher out there might be looking for a last minute gift idea for their students. If this looks familiar, I once had this idea on another blog I started, but didn’t keep up with, so I’ve decided to repost it here.

I made these English Christmas crackers for the students in my class. (I also gave them a book.) This is the simple way to make English Christmas crackers. If you want to make them the fancy way, see this site. I purchased some stickers at the school supply store, a variety of candy, and a small toy (party section of Walmart).

  • Take a paper towel tube and cut it in half.
  • Stuff the “goodies” (whatever you chose to purchase) into the tube.
  • Cut a piece of wrapping paper to size, wrap it around the tube, and tape.
  • Pinch the ends with your fingers, and either wrap tape or ribbon around the ends.

I made these for Christmas, but these could be used for any holiday or occasion.

English Christmas Cracker: how to make


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