Hey Diddle Diddle Cards

Hey Diddle Diddle Game

I just finished making these Hey Diddle Diddle nursery rhyme cards to use for a word game. You can also find a set of cards for the rhyme “There Was an Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe” on the Nursery Rhyme page.

How to use them: Print and cut apart the cards. Each child in the group should have a set to use. First, call out the words for each card and have the children hold up each card (this familiarizes them with the cards). To play the game, slowly recite the nursery rhyme (you may want to pause at the key words). Each time the children hear one of the key words, they should hold up that card. Repeat the game as many times as the children are interested. When we play this game in my classroom, I have my own set of cards to use along with the children to help cue them when to hold up a card. Then, after they have seen me model the game a few times, I let them do it on their own.

Download: Hey Diddle Diddle Cards


  1. Patricia Bowman says

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing. I teach preschoolers but I also live w/two so it’s cool to find new stuff like this.

  2. Estella Hungerford says

    This is absolutely my favorite site. As an Early Childhood Education major and mom to 2 year old twins, I am always on here. Lots of great ideas and resources. Great Job!!!

  3. Leslie says

    I absolutely love all the great ideas and printables that are shared in this site. I already marked it as one of my favorites to come back frequently. Thanks!

  4. Maureen Torres says

    Thank You so much for sharing such terrific ideas!!!
    Your website is creative and unique…I love that you include pictures.

    Maureen Torres

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