Five Little Pumpkins

The Five Little Pumpkins is a favorite traditional rhyme for Halloween all over the United States. Here is a PowerPoint slideshow I have made for this rhyme using D. J. Inkers graphics. You can download the PowerPoint or view it online at Slideshare. I have also made a printable blackline little book. Terms of Use

Download Slideshare slideshow Download PowerPoint slideshow

Little Book Printable

Download Little Book


  1. Norma McKee says

    Excellent resource for the season and for rhyming. The kids love the book and the power point presentation! Thanks!

  2. FancyKats says

    Really cute, but is it slightly different words than the book? We haven’t started to read it just yet, but plan to.

    • says

      As with most traditional rhymes that are handed down orally, different people learn different words. This is the wording I’m more familiar with, although I typically hear the line, “there are witches in the air”, and I prefer the word “spooks” instead.

  3. Ida Gill says

    You are AWESOME!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much for all the wonderful ideas that you share. Your website has truly been an asset to my new curriculum. Keep doing the great job you’re doing by sharing and inspiring us to do a better job. The “Five Little Pumpkins” book is adorable.

  4. Yusisu Fuenmayor says

    Hi there! I am in LOVE with this web site. Is there a chance that you have the very hungry caterpillar book on a printable version too?? Thanks!!

    • says

      Thanks so much! I can’t do a printable Very Hungry Caterpillar book because of copyright issues. According to Eric Carle’s website, educational materials based on his works cannot be distributed.

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