Field Trip Checklists

Field Trip Checklists

Children bring these along on a nature walk or field trip, and check off each item they find. Clip the page to a clipboard for each child.

Nature Walk

Nature Walk Checklist

Aquarium Field Trip

Aquarium Checklist

Zoo Field Trip

Zoo Checklist

fire station checklist

Fire Station Checklist


  1. Sammy Bolin says

    I am having a problem with the links. When I click on them, it goes to a white screen and nothing happens. Is anyone else having this issue or is it something to do with my computer??

  2. Beverly Murphy says

    I came across your site by accident while browsing. I have been looking for an assessment for a while. I believe I found one I can use beginning 2013-14 school year. Thank you!

  3. Michele says

    The ABSOLUTE BEST PK website!!!!! I’ve found so many wonderful ideas and useable activities! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!

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