Exploring Pumpkins

pumpkin science center

pumpkin science center

We had several pumpkins of different sizes and colors for the children to observe, touch, and make observational drawings. After several weeks, these were cut in half for the children to observe the inside. Tweezers were placed in the science center with the pumpkins for children to pick out the seeds.

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  1. says

    I love this site. I have been in Prekindergarten for over 20 years and supervise our Parents as Teachers program in Northwest ISD in Texas. The ideas are great, and I, too am a supporter of play based learning for Prekindergarten. Great job!

  2. Anne says

    I was looking for science activities for my preK students and found this great site with easy and great ideas. Thanks Karen for sharing these activities with us.


  3. Lynda Hanvy says

    Love your ideas Karen! I have been teaching preschool 10 years and I love all your ideas. This website is easy to navigate, and follow. thank you.

  4. Elizabeth Yutzy says

    I want to say thank you for your ideas. I want to share one activity I do with my Pre-k children. I dyed pumpkin seeds (various water colors and a bit of vinegar and I use zip plastic bags). I let the seeds over night of maybe two days to get dry. I use these colorful seeds to make mozaic with seeds, also sorting seeds by color, counting.
    For Math the children glue seeds in a wooden stick and they count and write the equivalent number.
    Elizabeth Yutzy
    San Mateo,CA

  5. Adelaide Long says

    Good day!
    I love the ideas! Your page is very simple to navigate and wonderful to gather inspiration from. I am interested in a little bit more about this activity. Would you mind sending me the “activity plan” you used to do the pumpkin exploration? What was your student learning outcome? What were the materials you used? and procedure? I am trying to come up with a fun and creative science activity for preschoolers. I’d love to know a little more in detail on this activity!
    Thank you for your time!

  6. Debra Lee says

    I love this site. I discovered it last year and have incorporated so many things in our preschool. I was needing an update and our classroom arrangements have made it possible to have a science center now. It is so wonderful to watch our children sit and play and explore in the center. I change it out every week so all the children have time to explore at the table. Thanks so very much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  7. sudipa says

    Being a prek teacher for last 17 yrs.I cannot tell you how much I appreciate
    your site and getting some of the most wonderful ideas from this site.One
    simple way I can describe is outstanding ideas !!

    Thank you so much for helping out so many teachers like myself .


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