Christmas Pattern Blocks

These Christmas pattern block mats are a fun way for kids to learn while they play. Pattern blocks teach children about shapes and geometry, as well as develop their visual discrimination skills.

Christmas Pattern Blocks: Free Printables

More free printable pattern block mats are available on the Pattern Block page. Each mat comes in color and blackline, depending on your preference. The blackline mats offer more of a challenge as children figure out which shape goes in the space. Click on the thumbnails to download and print the mats.

You will need Adobe Reader to access the pdf files below.
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These mats are for classroom use only. Do NOT put these pattern block mats on your own site or blog. (Provide a link instead.) Do not sell them. Do not remove my copyright. No derivative works. Thank you for following my terms of use.

These mats are my own work: I came up with all of the designs, and made the mats using Photoshop.

christmas wreath pattern block

christmas wreath pattern block

christmas wreath pattern block

christmas wreath pattern block

christmas tree pattern block

christmas tree pattern block

christmas snowman pattern block

christmas snowman pattern block

christmas snowman pattern block

christmas snowman pattern block

christmas snowflake pattern block

christmas snowflake pattern block

christmas gifts pattern block

christmas gifts pattern block

More Resources

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  1. says

    i’m homeschooling my kindergarten aged son and my preschool aged daughter. thanks so much for giving such great free resources! it’s much appreciated. :)

  2. Jodi says

    It is the first time I have been to your site recently and the updates look great! I’m very excited to see that you are blogging! I looked through the fine motor ideas and I am very inspired. It is just the type of stuff I have been looking for lately. I have found many interesting Montessori inspired materials and I’m excited to start trying them out.

  3. Roo says

    Thank you so much for your website. I use it all of the time with my kindergartner and preschooler. It is very well organized.

  4. says

    WOW, these are fantastic. I’ve been in a lull with my pattern blocks, and these have inspired me again. THANK YOU for the time you spent creating these.

  5. says

    thank you for sharing these! we love our pattern blocks, and my kids were thrilled when i showed these pages to them last night! we’re about to use them for the first time, but i know they’ll love them. my 4 yr old said he can’t wait to do the snowflake! merry christmas!

  6. says

    WOW — I love these, Thank you so very much for allowing us to get them for free, my children love pattern blocks and this is wonderful for the upcoming holidays!

  7. Jenny says

    They are so nice! Thank you so much for sharing. My daughter enjoys the pattern blocks from Melissa & Doug. Will they fit on these too? If not, where do you get these pattern blocks? Thank you!

    • says

      I’ve never seen the Melissa & Doug pattern blocks so I don’t know, but the ones I use are just the standard pattern blocks that are sold by any educational supply company.

  8. Pat says

    My kdg. teacher son just called last night to ask if I could find some seasonal pattern block mats for him. I wasn’t sure if I could, but right off I found your Christmas ones. Thanks!! Are there other season ones that I have missed? pat

    • says

      Thanks so much for the comments! Pat, I don’t have any for other holidays. I’ll have to see if I can figure out some designs for other holidays.

  9. Diana says

    Thank you so much for sharing your creations!! These are wonderful. I really enjoy looking at your website and thanks for all the great ideas!

  10. Sandy says

    Thanks so much for your great ideas! I can always find developmentally appropriate ideas and activities for my classroom on your site!

  11. RG says

    these are great! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us! Hmmm, wonder if I can expand on the idea for other special days.

  12. Christine says

    What a great website you have! I have found some really great ideas for my junior and senior kindergarten children to use for Christmas and the Winter season. I love your winter printable word cards. I am interested if you will have any more for fall and spring? This is a site I will be visiting often. Thanks!

    • says

      Thanks, Christine! Right now, the Winter cards are the only set that I’ve made. I do plan to make more cards, but will have to add it to my to-do list — they are a lot of work, but I believe they are worth it.

  13. K. Macon says

    You were a life saver this morning. (2-22-2011) I had misplaced a book of pattern shapes so I went to my trustworthy Google to look for some free pattern shapes. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I work with first graders in Lithonia, Ga. (a subburb of Atlanta). I wish I could send you pictures of them working with the pattern blocks. They did not want to stop creating shapes. I then asked them to create something on their own. I had robots, flowers, a telephone, a person, and a rabbit.

  14. says

    Thank you so much for these great printables. My children enjoy doing the block patterns for hours. What a blessing these have been for our family.

  15. Andrea says

    Karen, thank you so much for sharing. I’m teaching my little boy in K5 this year. These patterns will work perfect with our math lessons and are so cute!

  16. Amy says

    Thank you so much. I’m in a co-op with other 3 other moms doing preschool for our girls and is nice to find such a great resource. Thanks again.

  17. Heather Encinia says

    I really love the idea of the pattern blocks! However, where do I get them? I saw some pattern blocks on amazon, but not quite sure if they would be the right size.

    Thank you,

  18. Amanda says

    I have a question, I’m new to pattern blocks and wondering if you buy the wooden shaped blocks to do this activity? I know my 3yr old would love this, but I don’t have any blocks yet.

    • says

      Hi, my classroom already had the wooden pattern blocks, so I didn’t have to buy them, but most educational supply catalogs have them. Try Lakeshore Learning or ABC School Supply or Kaplan.

  19. says

    I really enjoy yoru website. I love all the ideas. This is my 1st year to teach Kinder. I have taught other grades but nothing so low. Seeing your ideas sparks ideas of my own and I enjoy implementing yours in our classroom. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  20. Karen K says

    I love these, thanks! For those of you asking about pattern blocks, I think you can order them off Amazon. You can also get them in foam, and Heidisongs has paper pattern blocks- you could run them on cardstock and laminate.

  21. Julie says

    I was doing lesson plans for the week and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for math: boring routine stuff or fun Christmas activities?? YOU came to my rescue!! You are so talented and giving. i really appreciate what you have shared. Thank you, thank you! Merry Christmas!!!

  22. Esther says

    Thank you so much for all your great resources. I’m a homeschooling mom and you save me tons of hours. Merry Christmas! God Bless you!

  23. Angela says

    Wow, thanks. I am going to use these in combination from a sight word idea from pinterest. The shapes will have sight words written on it and pairs play Bingo by reading the word and using it in a sentence before covering the shape with the matching pattern block! I can’t wait to play this with my kinders!!!

  24. Kym M says

    Thank you so very much Karen. I’ve just given my 3 children (2 1/2, 4 and 7 1/2 yrs) a set of wooden pattern blocks yesterday. So generous of you to make and share these patterns. My DS (7 1/2 yrs) is doing them right now as I print them out and laminate the sheets. He’s so excited. Happy New Year.

  25. kendell says

    Thank you ever so much for sharing your files so freely, they are really appreciated. Kindest regards

  26. leslie says

    Thank you so much for sharing. I love to use pattern blocks with my first graders and the more patterns the better!!

  27. Candace says

    SO gracious of you to share these!!! They are awesome. My almost 4-yr-old son has autism, and he LOVES pattern blocks. The last day of school is Thurs, so I’m working hard to put activities together for him and his little brother. Thanks for sharing!!! =)

  28. Kelly says

    OMG! How awesome! Thank you for making these! Can’t wait to use them in my math stations this year~

  29. ShannonD says

    These are wonderful! I printed both sets. Thanks so much. My daughter is having a blast on the floor behind me right now!

  30. Elissa says

    Thank you so much. I love the idea of putting them in a notebook. I think I will make 3 getting slightly more challenging. I appreciate these very much!

  31. Suzanne says

    These are wonderful. I have been searching the internet for something similar and these are just perfect. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing!!

  32. Kimberly says

    Thank you SO much!! I searched the internet for almost an hour before I typed the right search to get exactly what I was looking for. I was so excited to find patterns that show the lines so my girls can learn how to use these! I came across a gallon bag of tangrams at a garage sale and needed patterns for my girls to be able to use them (they are 2.5 and 4). As soon as I printed off the first ones they were already sitting down putting the pictures together on their own! They love them and I thank you for actually having free printable patterns that preschoolers can use.

  33. Kimberly says

    I absolutely love your pattern block mats! Thank you for providing them for free! My kids and students LOVE them! I am wondering where you create them – do you have a program or do you just do it in a word type file – I’d love to be able to create my own that look good (I’ve tried -but they are really rough looking) and I am unable to find anything on the internet for programs to do them. Thanks for your help!

  34. Leila says

    Home schooling my 4 year old (he’s already been through pre-k and is Kindergarten level). These patterns are brilliant! I’m so glad you shared. He is looking through the print-outs now and just finished the “dog” one. :) *For those wondering where to buy patterning blocks – they are standard size. I ordered via & e-bay.*

  35. says

    i love these! i would like to use these in our church Advent activities we are giving families. would that be okay? that means i will print these out and include them in a packet to 50 or so families. no selling, just free to the families. please email me or send me a comment on my blog. thanks!

  36. Stockham says

    Thank you for your sharing these pattern block pictures you made so beautifully. I really appreciate your generosity to us, your fellow teachers!

  37. yvalenci says

    again, many thanks!
    your stuff is so user friendly, the kids love it and they learn!
    i am also very happy that they enjoy!
    all my best! and keep up the good work, thanks for sharing!

  38. says

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing these! You are so generous and I can’t wait to use these as Christmas gets closer. I have to tell you that as a first year PreK teacher your website has been invaluable to me, I felt so lost at the beginning of the year but you have been such a great help. Thank you so much for everything you do!

    Fun in PreK-1

  39. Jeri says

    I have been looking for pattern block designs of years and am so excited to print and use yours with my SpEd class. Thanks

  40. Katie says

    Thank you so much for creating these. I really appreciate the time and effort. I especially love the fact that you want to share! Merry Christmas!!

  41. Valerie says

    WOW these are fantastic! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!! I’m not sure who’s gonna be more excited to use them, me or my students!

  42. Deb says

    Thanks so much….my Kinder kids LOVE to do pattern block pics….and are even getting pretty good at their own designs. I came searching today for some seasonal ones to use in centers later this week. Thanks for sharing!! :-)

  43. Debbie Duckworth says

    Thank you so much for posting these awesome activities and allowing others to benefit from all of your work. You are truly generous! Merry Christmas!

  44. Mary Bird says

    Thank you so much for all the work you put into these. I use them in my life skills class to teach attention to detail and following picture instructions. These are challenging but the students enjoy them immensely.

  45. Karen says

    You are an amazingly talented woman and have the best materials for preschool! Thank you for all you do to make my life easier! You rock!

  46. Toscha says

    Thank you for creating these wonderful patterns. I just purchased my daughter pattern blocks, she loves playing with them but I wanted to challenge her to do more with them. Your designs are awesome. We are looking forwards to hours of learning fun. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful designs.

  47. norma says

    Thank you for these free resources. I am a special education teacher now staying at home as a home day care provider, these are wonderful!!!

  48. Inma Verdejo says

    Dear Karen,

    Thank you so much for sharing all your very interesting ideas and resources. This material is extremely valuable. I will definitely be using it with my preschooler students and sure, they will love it!

  49. Robin says

    Thanks so much! These are great practice for my students, and it was just what I was looking for. I appreciate that you shared your hard work.

  50. Jennifer says

    Thank you SO much for the additional patterns for my pattern blocks! The kids will love the addition to our set!


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