Learning Letter Sounds

These games help pre-K children practice Letter Sound learning in a fun, hands-on way.

Learning Letter Sounds in Preschool

Sound Cups

Children sort each object into a letter cup by its beginning sound. The labels for the cups were printed from The Virtual Vine. The objects were collected from parents, students, and myself, and they include small objects such as a plastic lizard, small block, watch, plastic frog, bandaid, and others.

letter sound cups

Erase the Sound

Draw a picture on a dry erase lap board. In the example below, I drew a snowman. Call children up one at the time to erase something that begins with something in the picture. In this picture, children can erase something that begins with H (hat), something that begins with B (buttons), something that begins with N (nose). Continue until everything is erased.

erase a sound

Mystery Bag

Three objects beginning with the same letter are placed in a bag (such as ball, bug, and button for B). The leader pulls each item out of the bag, names each item, and the class guesses the mystery letter.

mystery letter bag