Teach with Trash: Tissue Box Science

One thing readers most request is inexpensive (or free) teaching materials. Here is the first “Teach with Trash” idea, and I plan to have more to come. This is a science activity using empty tissue boxes. You can either save empty ones as they are used up at school, or ask parents to send them in. You only need six empty tissue boxes.

Tissue Box Feely Boxes: Teach with Trash

The tissue boxes will be used to make “feely” boxes or guessing boxes:

  • Print out the picture cards and the question mark cards (file below).
  • Attach the question mark cards to the tissue boxes.
  • Put one item in each box.
  • Have the child spread out the picture cards so they can see all of the cards.
  • Have the child reach into a box, feel an item, and guess what is inside.
  • They will match the picture card to that box and repeat the same with each box.
  • When they are done, they will pull the objects out of the boxes to see if their guesses were correct.

In the picture shown, I used the set of nature picture cards with real nature objects:

  • flower (use real or artificial)
  • pinecone
  • seashell
  • leaf (use real or artificial)
  • rock
  • stick
Teach with Trash: Tissue Box Science

In the printable cards below, I have also included a set of school supply objects that you can put in the boxes. Download them by clicking the button below. You can come up with other items to put in the boxes using objects around your classroom or home. Make picture cards by taking a photo of the objects you are using.

Have other ideas for the tissue box feely boxes? Please share them in the comments below!

Download the Feely Touch Box Cards Here

This is a free printable – just click to download!

Download: Feely Box Cards

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