No Cook Apple Pie for Kids to Make

Try this no cook apple pie recipe for kids. This is simple enough for preschool and pre-k kids to make themselves, and is a great way to practice listening and following directions. My students really enjoyed making these mini apple pies!

apple pie for kids to cook

Ingredients and Supplies You Will Need:

Disposable spoons
Disposable bowls
Can opener
Canned apples (not pie filling, just apples in water)
Cinnamon & Sugar
Mini graham cracker pie crusts
Whipped cream

How to Make Apple Pie:

Give each child a bowl and spoon. Allow children to scoop some apples from the can into their bowl. Be sure to give each child some of the water from the can, so it will be easier to stir in the other ingredients. Allow each child to shake the cinnamon sugar onto their apples and stir it with their spoon. I bought a shaker of cinnamon and sugar because it cost less for this project, but you could buy it separately and let the children add each. Once the cinnamon, sugar, and apples are mixed well, the children spoon their mixture into the pie crusts. Add whipped cream to the top and enjoy! These could be warmed in an oven, but we mostly do “no cook” recipes in my class, so we ate them cold, and they were very yummy!

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