Thanksgiving Songs for Preschool Kids

Here are some fun Thanksgiving songs for your Preschool to Kindergarten kids to enjoy during the holiday season! I appreciate the positive feedback I received about the Halloween Songs. I’m glad you liked it, and I plan to do many more of these song posts!

Thanksgiving Songs for Kids

All of these songs are You Tube videos. You can play them on a projector while kids watch and dance, or just play the audio on a computer, tablet, or phone.

Powwow, by Jack Hartmann

A Turkey Dance, by The Learning Station

Do the Turkey Hop, by Kiboomu

Turkey Song, by Kiboomu

Get Funky with Tommy the Turkey, by Jack Hartmann

Little Pilgrim, by The Learning Station

Albuquerque Turkey, by The Learning Station

Thanksgiving Day, by Mother Goose Club

Five Little Turkeys, by The Learning Station

Thanksgiving Feast, by The Learning Station

Turkey Hokey Pokey, by The Kiboomers

Ten Little Turkeys, by The Learning Station

Turkey Dance Freeze

Thanksgiving is a Wonderful Thing, by The Kiboomers

Thanksgiving Dinner, by The Kiboomers

If You’re Thankful and You Know It, by The Kiboomers

Turkey in the Straw, by The Kiboomers

Five Fat Turkeys, by The Kiboomers

Thanksgiving Resources to help you teach Pre-K…

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