Sub Folder Printable for Your Classroom

Here’s a free printable Sub Folder you can use for those times when you have to be absent from school.

Sub Folder Free Printable

I recently went to a teacher’s conference, and had to dust off the substitute teacher folder since I’m almost never absent. (My assistant went to the conference with me. Those poor subs!) Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to share my sub folder with other teachers. You can use the pages you want and leave out the ones you don’t want. Also, if you want to print extra pages of the “Note from the Sub”, just go to that page, and select “current page” when printing.

Editable Sub Folder Free Printable

Some Suggestions for Your Sub Folder:

  • It’s important to give them enough information, but not overwhelm them with too much information.
  • Always keep your sub folder (and lesson plans) in a prominent location that is easy for a new person coming in to spot. I keep mine in a magnetic paper holder that is attached to my white board.
  • Use a durable folder with prongs and pockets. (I love those clear plastic folders with the snap prongs from Staples.) Place several copies of the “Note from the Sub” in one of the pockets.
  • Use the pages labeled: Circle Time Seating Chart, Nap Pad Map, Classroom Map to draw in those charts and maps. Glue your schedule onto the Schedule page, or replace that page with your schedule.
  • Check your Sub Folder at the beginning of each month or each semester to make sure it’s up-to-date.
Free Sub Folder Google Drive Version

Download the Sub Folder Here:

These printables are free! Just click to download!

Get the PDF Printable Version

Download: Sub Folder (PDF Version)

Get the Google Drive Editable Version

If you prefer to have an editable version, here’s one you can add to your Google Drive and edit there. You will be able to change the fonts, if you choose. After clicking the link below, you will need to click “Make a copy”.

Download: Editable Sub Folder (Google Drive Version)


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