Rhyming Match Games

These printable rhyming match games can be used in many ways and include pairs of matching rhyming picture cards.

Rhyming Match Game Printable

To play this Rhyming Match Game, print out the rhyming mats and the picture cards. Cut out the picture cards and put them in a bowl or basket with the corresponding mat. There are three sets of Rhyming Match Games. Children will take a card from the bowl and find the matching rhyming word on the mat. For example, if they draw a carrot from the bowl, they will match the card to the parrot on the mat. Continue playing until all cards are matched.

Rhyming Match Game Printable

The Answer Key sheet can also be used as an observational assessment recording sheet during small group lessons. When a child correctly matches a pair of rhyming cards, you can write their name or initials in the square (shown in photo below). I always abbreviate my students’ names with the first 3 letters of their name:

Rhyming Match Game Assessment Sheet & Answer Key

Download the FREE Rhyming Match Game

Each set has mats with 8 pictures and 8 matching cards. Download the sets below. These printables are FREE, just click the links to download.

Want More Rhyming Mats?

Get even more of these Rhyming Mats! This set has a total of 16 mats (10 new ones plus the 6 free ones).

Get even more Rhyming Mats here:

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