Pre-K Classroom Photos: Colorful Nature Theme

In Fall 2018, I decided to update my classroom decor because I need a change, just a refresh.

I’ve had a neutral classroom (loved it!), a rainbow color scheme, and a beach decor theme. I’ve loved them all.

This time I wasn’t really going for a theme. I decided to use black and white gingham with some colorful accents. Even though I wasn’t aiming for a theme, I added some nature to the room. So, if it is a theme, it would be a “Colorful Nature” theme.

“Pre-K is an Adventure”

Preschool Classroom Decor

I wanted to add color to the room with some large letters. The kind of wooden letters that can be painted were too expensive, so these were cut from scrapbook paper with a Cricut machine.

I use my bulletin boards to post children’s work. I do not decorate bulletin boards. This is how they will look all year with children’s artwork changed out through the year.

Colorful Frames with Positive Character Traits

Classroom Decor

These colorful frames were added to the wall. I painted these frames from Michaels in colors that matched the scrapbook paper I used on the big letters. The animals in the frames are just clipart that I printed on cardstock. Then below them, I printed a cardstock “wooden” sign with positive character traits.

Classroom Decor

Owl: Be Wise
Fox: Be Clever
Bear: Be Brave
Deer: Be Kind
Hedgehog: Be Curious

Black Gingham Curtains for Storage

Classroom Storage Area

This classroom has big open shelves for storage that needs to be covered up. Previously, everything was in boxes on the shelves so the items being stored would be hidden, but this time, I decided to use the black and white gingham curtains to cover the storage shelves.

classroom curtains

I later found these pom pom strings at Hobby Lobby with Christmas decorations. They were the same colors I had used with the scrapbook paper letters and the frames, so I added them at the top of the curtains.

House Center

House Center in Classroom

In the House Center, I already had these mirrors, wall planters, and a white lace curtain. This year, I added the black and white gingham curtain.

“Create” Letters in the Art Center

Art Center Classroom

Using card stock paper and a Cricut machine, I made big letters tat said “Create” for the Art Center.

Reading Center

Reading Center Classroom Photo

This is pretty much how my Reading Center already looked. I added the black and white gingham curtain and big “Read” letters cut from card stock paper. A very inexpensive curtain rod is attached to the wall with Scotch 3M hooks.

Table Signs

Table Sign Classroom Wreath
Table Sign Classroom Wreath

Table Sign Classroom Wreath
Table Sign Classroom Wreath

Since I wanted to nature things in my room, I bought small wreaths for table signs. I painted a wooden bird for each wreath to hang from the wreath with clear string. The wreath is supposed to be like a “nest” for the bird. Then I tied black and white gingham ribbon to the wreath. Each wreath hung over each small group table in my classroom

Fox Puppet: Our Class Mascot

Fox Puppet Class Mascot

This is our class mascot, Felix, a fox puppet. Felix watches the children through the day and he loves to give compliments. The kids love him! I’m not hugely talented with puppets, so Felix whispers in my ear, and then I tell the kids what he said. 😉 It works well.

He sits up on this wreath, out of reach. The children are free to play with all other puppets, but Felix is special. He serves a very special purpose in the classroom. When my classroom had a Beach decor theme, our class mascot was a puppet named Sharky.

Circle Time Area

Circle Time Area

This is pretty much how my Circle Time Area looked before. Magnetic letters (on the board) from the Target Dollar Spot were added, as well as a black and white gingham basket from Hobby Lobby.

I hope you enjoyed my classroom tour! Maybe it will give you some ideas to use in your own room if this matches your style. I didn’t get too elaborate with colors and themes, but I didn’t want to. A lot of things in the room are things I already had.

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