Pete the Cat: Book Connection Activity

Like most Pre-K kids, my class loves a certain book about a cat and his colorful shoes. I made these cards that can be used as a book connection activity for Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes (but they can also be used as a stand alone activity, without the book ).

Pete the Cat Colors Printable Activity

Below you will find a button to download the printables, the activity directions, and some links to more activities.

Small Group Activity:

Give each child a set of small colored shoe cards. Show them one of the picture cards and ask them which color it would turn the shoes. Have children find the shoe color card and hold it up.

You could also play this as a color bingo game (where everyone wins). Have children place their set of shoe color cards face up on the table in front on them. Pick out one picture card of each color. As you show each card, have children flip the shoe color card over face down. Play until all of the colors are face down.

Teach Colors with Pete the Cat

Large Group Activity:

These can also be used as a large group (a.k.a. circle time) activity by using the larger set of shoe color cards. Pass out the shoe color cards to children in the class (print multiple sets so that each child has one). Hold up a picture card (e.g. tomatoes) and ask “What color would [tomatoes] turn your shoes?” Ask the children who are holding the red shoe color cards to stand.

Download: Colored Shoes Activity

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