More and Less Dice Game

This is a simple, easy-prep game you can use to teach more and less to your prekinders.

Teaching More and Less

I used bear counters, but the possibilities are endless. You could use Unifix cubes, flat floral marbles, foam craft shapes, or any other manipulatives to match your theme.

Teaching More and Less

Prepare the activity:

I chose two colors of the bear counters and put them in two baskets (I used red and blue). I used a wooden cube from the craft store to make color dice. You can use white dot stickers, color them the colors you need for your game, and attach them to the sides of the cube. The stickers can be pulled off later to reuse the wooden cube for another game. Since I couldn’t find my dot stickers, I wrapped masking tape around the cube and drew colored dots on the sides of the cube. I gave the dice 3 red sides and 3 blue sides, since you only need to use two colors.

Print out a copy of the grid paper (link at bottom) for each child.

Teaching More and Less

Here’s how to play:

Children roll the cube and name the color. Take a bear of the same color out of the basket and place it in a square on the grid. Continue rolling the cube and placing a bear on the grid until the whole grid is full (one bear per square). Then have children sort the bear colors they have by putting the red ones on one side of their mat and the blue ones on the other side. Count how many of each color. Which has the most, least, or same amount?

Put the bears back in the basket and keep playing!

Teaching More and Less

Download the Math Grids


Note: This is a free printable, just click to download.

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