Mitten Count and Match Cards: Preschool Math

These printable Mitten Count and Match Cards can be used in a Math Center or small group to help children practice counting. Use it during your winter theme activities.

Mitten Math Preschool Printable

There are two cards representing each number. The children count the mittens on each card, and match the cards that have the same amount of mittens.

The mittens are placed in different arrangements so that they do not appear the same at first glance. This way, children have to actually count them rather than match them by sight.

Mitten Count and Match Cards

Prepare the Mitten Count Cards

All you need to do is print the cards, laminate if you choose, and cut them out on the black lines.

Choose which cards you will use according to your students’ needs. For some children, you may want to only use cards 1-3; or you may want to use cards 1-7. The card set goes up to 12, if needed.

Mitten Count and Match Cards

How to Use the Cards

Show children how to match the mitten cards by taking a blue mitten card from the pile and counting how many are on the card. Then find the matching red mitten card.

You can have children work individually or have pairs of children work together, with one child counting the blue cards and the other child counting the red cards. When they find a match, the will place those together.

As an alternative, you can also have children match the mitten cards to a numeral. Or, have children arrange the cards in numerical order.

Mitten Count and Match Cards

Download the Mitten Count Cards

Download: Mitten Count & Match Cards

Note: This is a free printable, just click to download.

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Thanks to Little Red for the great graphics used in this printable.

Originally published January 2009, updated January 2021.

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