Math Story Pocket Chart for Fall

Here’s a preschool-friendly way to do math story problems with kids. My class actually loves these. Here are two Fall-themed math story problems you can print and cut to use in your pocket chart.

Fall Story Problem Pocket Charts

I use these during large group time, and they are about a 5-minute activity which integrates math and literacy. You can extend these by changing the numbers, and doing them again.

Fall Story Problem #1

Download: Apple Math Pocket Chart

I used tape to attach the apples to the baskets, but you could also use Velcro. I read the sentences to the children, while pointing to the words in a left-to-right direction. I point out the numerals and ask children to identify them. The leader helps place the clipart pieces in the chart. We read the chart a second time to review and check to see if we represented it correctly.

Fall Story Problem #2

We start with 7 acorns…

Then, we take 3 acorns out…

Download: Acorn Math Pocket Chart

If you like these, I have a set of 20 Math Story Problem Pocket Charts for Fall for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers. The set includes all of the printable sentences as well as all of the clipart you will need. {The 2 pocket charts above are actually 2 freebies from the set.}

Fall Math Story Problem Pocket Charts

This printable uses graphics licensed by Scrappin Doodles.


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