License Plate Game

This License Plate Game can be used to practice letter or number recognition or writing. It’s also a lot of fun for a group of children because everyone gets to be actively involved. You could also use this activity during a theme on Community Helpers and read a story about a police officer’s job.

License Plate Letter Game for Kids

How to Play the License Plate Game

You will need clothespins and either index cards or construction paper.

Each child gets a turn to be the “driver”. Write a letter or number on the index card or paper and clip it to the driver’s back. The child pretends to “drive” around the group, and parks in his seat. The other children in the group identify the letter or number.

There are several ways to differentiate this lesson for your unique students.

  • Children can find the same letter or numeral among their set of letter manipulatives (you could use letter tiles or magnetic letters).
  • Children can write the letter or numeral on a dry erase lapboard. They can pretend to write a speeding ticket if you use this game during a community helpers unit.

(1) Write one letter or number on each card.

License Plate Game with one letter per card

License Plate Game with one number per card

(2) Write two letters or numbers on each card.

license plate game with 2 letters or 2 numbers

(3) Write three letters or numbers on each card.

license plate game with 3 letters on each card

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