Letter Roads: Alphabet Letter Formation Printables

Get your little learners revved up for writing with these exciting printable Letter Road mats! With both uppercase and lowercase letter mats, they’ll be able to take their favorite small toy car on a thrilling journey as they practice forming each letter. What a fun way for children to gain confidence in forming letters!

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Letter Roads Alphabet Formation Printable

How to Use Letter Road Mats

As the children “drive” their car around the road, they can also practice the letter sound, saying it like the car’s motor sound. For example, for letter R, they would drive the car around while saying “Rrrrrr”, or for letter A, they would say “Aaaaaaa”, and so on.

Children can learn letter formation, letter identification, and even letter sounds this way while using the Letter Road mats. 

Use the dotted letters at the bottom of the mat for children to trace with their finger or use a dry erase marker.

Letter Roads Printable with dry erase

Laminate the Letter Road mats or slipping them into a clear page protector.

You can print only the letters you need children to work on, or print the whole set. 

These Letter Road mats would be a great addition to a Literacy Center or use them at Small Group. If using these as a Small Group lesson, guide children in forming the letter step by step, the way the letter is formed on paper (starting at the top and going down). 

Letter Roads Printable mat with toy car

Small toy cars (like Matchbox) work with these mats, and mini size cars work the best.

If you need small versions of these mats, you can find out how to print them smaller here. However, be sure not to print them too small — you want the cars to fit on the mat and have enough room for the children to drive them around.  

Other ways to use the Letter Road mats:

  • Arrange them in alphabetical order
  • Arrange the letters of the child’s name in order
  • Use them as letter play dough mats
Letter Roads Printable mat

Download the Letter Road Alphabet Mats

Download: Letter Roads

Note: This is a free printable, just click to download.

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