“I Have, Who Has” Numbers Game

A while back I made an “I Have, Who Has” Shapes Game, and I’ve had several requests to add more of these games. So today, I’m posting a Numbers version of the game.

I Have Who Has Numbers Game

I made two levels of the game: one game has numbers 1-10 and the other game has numbers 1-20. This would be a good way to differentiate your small group activities. I only used the cute teddy bear clipart on the 1-10 game because the bear numbers only go to 10. (Graphics are from MyGrafico.)

I typically play this game at small group, but I have also played it during large group. Once the children understand how to play, you can add the cards to the math center. The children will usually round up some friends to play at free choice center time. Another idea would be to use it as a transition activity by having the kids line up as soon as they have “read” their card and put it in the basket.

Game Directions:

To play the game, deal out all of the cards to all of the players in the group. If you play this game at small group, each child will have a set of cards, but if you play it at large group or as a transition activity, just give each child one card. At small group, have the children lay out all of the cards on the table so they can see them. The first player chooses any card and reads it. For example, “I have a 5. Who has a 3?” That child places that card in the basket, and everyone looks at their cards to see if they have a number 3. The person who does then says, “I have a 3. Who has a 6?” That child places that card in the basket, and so on. Play continues until all of the cards are in the basket. It shouldn’t matter which card you begin the game with– just make sure all of the cards as used even if you, the teacher, has a few.

Download: I Have, Who Has Numbers 1-10

Download: I Have, Who Has Numbers 1-20


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