Gingerbread Letter Hunt

Here is a large group literacy activity that goes well with a gingerbread theme.

Gingerbread Letter Hunt Game printables for Circle Time Large Group Literacy

Print out as many copies of the Gingerbread Man as you will need. Write one letter on each card and hide the cards throughout the classroom. Children will go on a search to find the Gingerbread Man (each child should find only one). Bring everyone back to the circle time area and play a recording of the alphabet song (you will need to repeat the song a few times). Pause the music at different intervals, and ask the children which letter would come next in the song. The child holding that letter will sit in the middle of the circle. Begin the song again, and continue playing and pausing the music, giving different children a turn in the middle of the circle.

Download the Gingerbread Letter Hunt Printables

These are free printables – just click to download.

Letter Hunt Uppercase (Color)

Letter Hunt Lowercase (Color)

Letter Hunt Uppercase (Black & White)

Letter Hunt Lowercase (Black & White)

Originally posted: Nov 2008 — Updated April 2021

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