Five Little Bunnies: Printable Book

This printable book for the traditional rhyme “Five Little Bunnies” will help preschool children practice counting and simple subtraction skills. This would work well with any Easter or Spring themes and activities.

5 Little Bunnies Printable Book

My students love books that rhyme and count down, because they like to guess which number is next. I always pause before saying the next number: “One hopped away and then there were ___”. The kids like to call out the number. This is good subtraction practice for Pre-K children, too! It’s also a book they can easily picture-read and practice concepts of print.

The Five Little Bunnies book can also be shown on a computer projector at large group.

Download the Five Little Bunnies Book

Download: 5 Bunnies Printable Book

As of October 2012, the flannel board set has been removed due to the terms of use of the graphics company. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This set uses graphics licensed by Scrappin Doodles.

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