Skittles Experiment

This is a really cool experiment I saw at a workshop I attended. In this experiment children will place Skittles in water and watch the “S” float to the top!

Exploring Colors: Floating S Experiment

Materials Needed:

Disposable bowls
Small cups
Skittles candy
Pitcher of water
Printable recording sheet and crayons or markers

Set Up:

In advance, gather all materials. Place at least 3 Skittles in each child’s cup. I gave each child about 6, so they could eat a few, but they will need 3 for the experiment. Find a stable surface for the experiment (the floor, a table that does not shake). Print and copy the Recording Sheets for each child.

Download: Floating S Recording Sheet


I gave the children a bowl, a small cup of water, and a small cup of Skittles candy. The children were instructed to pour the water into the bowl (you only need enough water so that it will cover the Skittles.) Then they choose three different colors of Skittles to place in the bowl at the edges and spaced out so they weren’t touching each other (I let them eat the rest). The children observed what happened to the colors (the colors will spread out and eventually blend with other colors and the three S’s float to the top).

I recorded their verbal observations on paper and the children recorded their observations by drawing what they saw in the bowl (see example below). An important note: this experiment only works well if the bowl sits on a very stable surface, such as a table that does not shake or the floor. Make sure the children understand not to touch or move the bowl. Be sure to place the Skittles with the S side up.

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