Christmas Ornaments for Preschool Kids

Every year, my class makes these wooden star ornaments. I like these because being made of wood, they are more durable than construction paper ornaments, and will hopefully last through the years. The gold paint makes them look a little more “stylish” and hopefully something that a family will enjoy hanging on their tree.

Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

I purchase the wooden stars in packs of 4 at Hobby Lobby for around $1.50 per pack. I use a small drill bit to drill a hole into the top of each star. The children use metallic gold (or silver) acrylic paint from the craft store and paint the whole star.

Star Christmas Ornament for Kids to Make

Be sure to wash or soak your paint brushes in a small tub of water immediately when the kids are done (do not let the paint dry in the brush).

Painting the wooden star ornament

When the paint is dry, I write the child’s name on the back with the year using a red or green Sharpie. The children decorate the star with red, green, silver, and gold glitter glue. (We dab the glitter glue on with a Q-tip.) I thread invisible fishing cord through the drilled hole, and tie a piece of ribbon at the top of the star.

Star Ornament for Pre-K Kids

These do cost more than construction paper ornaments, but the total cost of each ornament is minimal. They are nicer and more durable than construction paper.

The children wrap their ornaments in tissue paper themselves and we put them in a decorated paper bag for the children to give to their parents.

Check the links below for more simple ornament ideas for Preschool kids. Our class made these “Cute as a Button” tree ornaments this year. The buttons are from the dollar section of Michaels. I used plain wide craft sticks that were donated by a doctor’s office and stained them green and red using liquid watercolor paint. (Liquid watercolor is awesome and has so many uses! Every classroom needs some.)

Button Tree Ornament

I’m sure as the week goes on, we’ll make something else from this list. Be sure to check my Pinterest December board for more Christmas ideas for kids.

Cute as a Button Tree Ornament {from Stockpiling Moms}

Simple Snowflake Ornament {from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds}

Mess-Free Glitter Ornaments {from No Time for Flash Cards}

Super Simple Wreath Ornament {from Red Ted Art}

Icicle Ornaments {from Happy Hooligans}

Candy Cane Bead Ornament {from A Girl and a Glue Gun}

Simple Button Wreath {from Happy Hooligans}

Tell us about the ornaments you make with your class in the comments below!

Be sure to check out my Christmas page for more ideas!

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