Children’s Books about the Dentist and Teeth

With these books, children won’t just be getting a lesson on dental health and hygiene – they’ll also have fun! These stories are perfect for preschool teachers to use during Dental Health Month as an engaging way of teaching kids how important it is to take care of their teeth and visit the dentist. With this resource, even little learners can start forming healthy habits that will last them a lifetime!

Children's Books about the Dentist and Teeth

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Children’s Books about the Dentist and Teeth

Perfect for preschool teachers, these informative books take readers on an adventure while teaching the importance of taking care of their teeth.

Just Going to the Dentist

by Mercer Mayer

Join Little Critter on his exciting dental adventure! From getting an X-ray to uncovering a cavity, young readers will enjoy following along as he visits the dentist and learns about taking care of his teeth. An ideal book for reassuring children who may be anxious before their own checkup – with plenty of humor thrown in to make it even more enjoyable!

Curious George Visits the Dentist

by H. A. Rey

Join Curious George as he discovers the magical world of dentistry! After a mischievous bite into an unexpected wax apple, his wobbly tooth sends him on exciting first-time visit to the dentist. Along with some good-natured mayhem and fun activities, young readers will learn that visiting the dentist isn’t so scary after all—and how essential it is for having healthy teeth!

Bear’s Loose Tooth

by Karma Wilson

After a delicious lunch with his pals, Bear discovers something strange wiggling in his mouth! To everyone’s surprise (including Bear’s!) it turns out to be the first of many baby teeth that he would eventually lose. Kooky commotion ensues as all of Bear’s friends help him understand this completely normal milestone. In their light-hearted way, they explain why losing a tooth is part of growing up for every bear cub… or human child!

The Tooth Book: A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums

by Edward Miller

From timely dental advice on brushing, flossing, going to the dentist and more, this guide is full of engaging facts that make it easy for children today to understand all things related to taking care of their pearly whites. With its bright illustrations accompanying helpful instructions, kids will develop good habits when it comes keeping a beautiful smile now as well as in years ahead!

A Trip to the Dentist

by Penny Smith

Sarah, Josh and Rabbit are on an exciting journey to the dentist! Along the way they learn important tips for keeping their teeth bright and shining. Young readers just starting out will be captivated by this Level 1 title with its beautiful photos and simple sentences that use words often seen in everyday life. Join them as they discover a whole new world at the dentist’s office!

Cavities vs. Toothpaste: A Silly Hygiene Book about Brushing Teeth!

by Digi Dragon

Ever wonder who’s to blame for those pesky cavities? Those miniature villains are caused by bacteria, a fierce army of sugar-loving warriors. They don’t like one thing: toothpaste! So arm yourself with some and brush away the morning breath – it’ll make them tremble in fear! Ever wonder who’s to blame for those pesky cavities? Those miniature villains are caused by bacteria, a fierce army of sugar-loving warriors. They don’t like one thing: toothpaste!

How to Catch the Tooth Fairy

by Adam Wallace

Ready for a wild night of tooth-chasing fun? Explore the adventures of How to Catch The Tooth Fairy! From traps, webs made out of dental floss, drool and more – you’ll be giggling at this zany story’s silly rhymes as it seamlessly combines bright illustrations with STEAM concepts. So join in on the challenge: can YOU catch that sneaky fairy before she gets away!?

Pout-Pout Fish Goes to the Dentist

by Deborah Diesen

Mr. Fish is heading to the dentist and feeling a bit of uncertainty – will their efforts be enough for him to show off his signature smile? Join Mr. Fish on this grand adventure, sure to make all fans old and new laugh!

Why We Go to the Dentist

by Rosalyn Clark

Have you ever wondered why brushing and flossing your teeth is so important? Visiting the dentist can give us a deeper insight into dental hygiene. Through age-appropriate critical thinking questions, bright images, and engaging activities kids will learn about how to take care of their pearly whites!

Why Do I Need to Brush My Teeth?

by Caressa Simmons

Come along on a journey with Ivy as she discovers the importance of oral hygiene! She will learn firsthand why brushing her teeth is so important, and how to do it properly from her mother. Experience this story written by an experienced dental hygienist and let your little learners join in discovering healthy habits that last a lifetime!

The Tooth Book

by Mark Bacera

This silly book will have children making guesses while they learn all the fun facts about teeth! They’ll discover there are five different types, how to keep them healthy and strong with brushing often. Join Booth as he finds out what happens next in this unique adventure into oral health.

Doctor De Soto

by William Steig

Mouse dentist Doctor De Soto and his wife are two of the cleverest creatures around, using their wealth of dental knowledge to help animals get out of pain! The only problem is that they won’t treat any predators – until one day a fox comes into their office with an unbearable toothache. How can these kindhearted dentists refuse? They come up with a crafty plan sure to please all parties involved – including you when reading this Newbery Honor Book by William Steig! From the author of Shrek.

My Friend Toothy: How to Practice Good Dental Hygiene

by Stacey Laviolette

Follow Toothy on an exciting adventure as he teaches kids about taking care of their teeth! Learn all about the importance of brushing and flossing with this fun storybook, then get ready for your visit to the dentist. Good oral hygiene habits help lay a foundation for lifelong health – so start early with My Friend Toothy!

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