Art Museum Scavenger Hunt

Going to an art museum with kids? Here’s a fun and educational way for kids to explore the art museum.

Print out this Art Museum Scavenger Hunt Checklist and have children bring it with them on your next trip. Attach the sheet to a clipboard. Children can look for each item and check it off as they find it at the museum.

Ways to mark the checklist:

  • Draw a check mark over the picture
  • Circle the picture
  • Stick a star sticker or dot sticker on the picture
  • Stamp a bingo marker

For any items they do not find, children can either leave unmarked or draw an X on it. Hopefully, this will make your art museum visit more fun and exciting for young children. While using the list, kids can look for things in paintings they see, such as flowers, clouds, people, as well as masks, statues, and other items. Download and print the scavenger hunt checklist below.

Download: Art Museum Checklist

For more scavenger hunt checklists, check my Field Trip Checklists page.

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