Alliteration Books

Alliteration provides an excellent opportunity for preschoolers to develop phonological awareness as they listen for and identify repeated initial consonant sounds in words.

A great way to introduce and to continue practicing alliteration is through children’s picture books. Here is a list of engaging children’s picture books with alliteration.

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Hearing phrases in alliteration books like “Whoosh! Went the wind” or “It’s a pepperoni pretzel pizza party” can help children recognize and discriminate the “w” and “p” sounds. By focusing on these sounds, preschoolers can develop their ability to isolate, blend, and segment sounds, which are essential pre-reading skills.

Pete the Cat alliteration book
alliteration books

Alliteration Books

Alliteration books expose young children to the repetition of initial consonant sounds in a sequence of words. This helps develop their phonological awareness, which is the ability to recognize and manipulate the sounds of spoken language. Alliteration books can help preschoolers practice identifying and discriminating different sounds.

Some Smug Slug

by Pamela Duncan Edwards

With a smug smirk and an air of self-importance, the slug persists in slithering his way up the highly suspicious slope. Will he ever relent? Are the sparrow, the spider, and the swallowtail truly trying to sabotage his progress? And why is everyone in such a frenzy over the slug’s journey?

Clara Caterpillar

by Pamela Duncan Edwards

Meet Clara, a carefree caterpillar who happens to be a cabbage lover. As she goes through her metamorphosis and emerges as a common cream-colored butterfly, she can’t help but feel overshadowed by Catisha, a catty and conceited caterpillar who transforms into a captivating crimson-colored butterfly. But is Clara really as ordinary as she thinks she is?

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party

by James Dean

Pete piles his pizza with pepperoni. But then his friends come over and add their own creative toppings to the pizza. Will Pete’s perfect pizza be ruined? There’s only one way to find out in this engaging hardcover picture book filled with fun alliteration and mouth-watering descriptions of tasty foods.

Chips and Cheese and Nana’s Knees: What Is Alliteration? 

by Brian P. Cleary

Discover the magic of alliteration with this delightful book that’s packed with wonderful and wacky words that start with similar sounds. With remarkable rhymes and ingenious illustrations, this book makes it easy for children to understand and identify alliteration. Key examples of alliteration are highlighted in color for easy recognition, and comical cats help reinforce each idea.

Four Famished Foxes and Fosdyke

by Pamela Duncan Edwards

In this lively tale, four fox siblings, all ravenously hungry, ridicule their brother Fosdyke for his fondness of fried figs, fennel, and French bread. Leaving poor Fosdyke behind to fry and flambé his culinary delights, the other foxes venture into a forbidden farmyard in search of fowl to satisfy their voracious appetites. However, their plans are foiled as the fowl have been forewarned and are not easily caught.

Betty’s Burgled Bakery: An Alliterative Adventure

by Travis Nichols

The detectives are called into action to solve the mystery of Betty’s Bakery burglary! Packed with alliteration and humor, the story follows the Gumshoe Zoo as they tackle the most bizarre crime ever: stolen pastries! Wordplay enthusiasts and sweet treat lovers alike will be delighted by this multi-paneled early graphic novel that is as educational as it is entertaining.

Superhero ABC

by Bob McLeod

Bursting with imaginative superheroes and their extraordinary skills, this delightful book introduces you to Bubble-Man, who blows big bubbles at bullies, and Laughing Lass, who laughs loudly at lawbreakers. Illustrated by renowned comic-book artist Bob McLeod, the pages are filled with colorful and irresistible characters that will captivate young readers.

Pigs in Pajamas

by Maggie Smith

Join Penelope Pig and her pals at a pajama party like no other! Six pigs dressed in their PJs indulge in a feast of pizza and pasta, play games like pin the tail on the pony, prance to the piano, and attempt a precarious pyramid, only to collapse into a squealing pig pile! With rollicking rhymes and infectious alliterations, Maggie Smith creates a perfectly pleasing book that celebrates the letter P in a playful and engaging way.

A, My Name is Alice

by Jane E. Bayer

From Barbara, the bear with balloons for sale in Brazil, to the zipper-selling Zambian zebra and zebu, Zelda and Zach, young readers will delight in meeting these colorful and lively characters. With vibrant illustrations and playful alliteration, this book is sure to captivate children’s imaginations while also teaching them about the alphabet and different animals from around the world.

Walter’s Wonderful Web

by Tim Hopgood

A charming book about a determined spider named Walter who weaves a web with words that start with the letter “W”, creating a beautiful and alliterative web.


by Graeme Base

“Animalia,” has captured the hearts of children and parents worldwide, with over 3 million copies sold. This beloved picture book is cherished for its captivating alliteration and is recognized as a special reading adventure that has stood the test of time. From “A is for An Armored Armadillo Avoiding an Angry Alligator” to “Diabolical dragons daintily devouring delicious delicacies” and more, all the way to Z!

Choose alliteration-rich materials: Select books, poems, songs, or other materials that feature alliteration prominently. Look for texts that use repetitive initial consonant sounds in a fun and engaging way.

alliteration books

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