100 Days of School in Pre-K

Pre-K kids can join in celebrating 100 Days of School with these age-appropriate activities.

100th Day of School Activities for Pre-K and Preschool

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When doing 100 Day activities with Pre-K kids, be sure to choose activities that are age appropriate. It’s so easy to get caught up in doing what elementary school teachers do because it looks like fun, but remember, Pre-K children don’t really understand the concept of 100. Most activities, I would recommend having Pre-K kids do them in groups or as a whole class, rather than individually.

100 Hungry Ants

Before the kids arrive at school in the morning, hide 100 little plastic ants around the classroom. Don’t hide them too well because they will be too hard to find. I usually place them around the room in the blocks center, reading center, by the sink, and any other places kids are sure to go during the day. Read the book, 100 Hungry Ants, to the class at large group time.

100 Ants for 100th Day of School

Throughout the day, as kids are learning, playing, moving about the room, tell them to collect any ants they find and place them on the 100 chart. (I have included a printable 100 chart in the download set below.) The goal is to find 100 ants by the end of the day, and the children have to work together to achieve the goal! I always hide a few more than 100, just to make sure we find 100 by the end of the day. I bought my little plastic ants from a dollar store years ago. You can also find them on Amazon:  144 Tiny Plastic Ants or 1 1/2″ Plastic Ants.

100 Things Printable

This versatile page could be used for children to place small objects, such as Skittles, M&M’s, chocolate chips. Or, have kids stamp in the ten frames with rubber stamps. For Pre-K kids, this would be better used for a group of children to do together or place on a table in a center for free choice time. Printable is included in the free set – download below.

100 Day 10 Frame Printable

100th Day Certificates or Hats

Print these 100th Day certificates to send home with your students to celebrate the day. There are two design options. You can also attach the sheets to a sentence strip (or strip of construction paper) to make a hat. Free printable included in the download below.

100 Day Certificate or Hat

100th Day Snacks Printable

Use this for kids to count out ten of each snack to make 100 snacks. For Pre-K kids, you might want to pre-count ten of each item in cups, and have them place them on the mat as they count. Free printable in the download set below.

100th Day Snacks

100th Day Journal Pages

These journal pages include different line options depending on your students’ level. For Pre-K kids, I use the smaller lines and write their dictation on the lines. Printables included in the free download below.

100th Day Journal Pages

100 Days of School Printable Pack

Download: 100 Days of School Printables

This is a free download. Just click and print.

100th Day of School Printables

100th Day Songs

These YouTube song videos are a fun way to get kids moving while counting to 100. Even preschool kids who don’t know how to count to 100 will still enjoy moving and dancing while celebrating 100 days of school!

100 Days of School, by The Kiboomers

Zero the Hero, by Jack Hartmann (count to 100)

Let’s Get Fit: Count to 100, by Jack Hartmann

Let’s Get Fit: Count to 100 Version 2 (has new moves), by Jack Hartmann

Count to 100, by Jack Hartmann

Country Line Count to 100, by Jack Hartmann

Links to 100th Day Activities

Follow these links to activities you will find on other sites:

Books to Read

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