Write the Room in Pre-K

Children love Write-the-Room games because they love to wander around the room, move, and get active. Here are two Write-the-Room activities that Pre-K children can do.

Write the Room Activities

Find the Letters in Your Name

For this game, I folded a piece of paper in half and wrote “Letters in my name” on one half and “Letters not in my name” on the other half. Children attached these to clipboards and walked around the room looking for letters in the classroom. When they found a letter, they determined which half of the paper to write it on.

Find the Letters in Your Name: Write the Room Activity

Download: Name Sort Printable

Survey the Room

In this activity, children get to go around the classroom surveying their friends for likes and dislikes. I have these in a pocket folder in our writing center for the children to get when they choose. To use this printable, children ask a teacher to fill in the blank with whatever they want to survey their friends: “Do you like _____?” Some children ask for the word to be spelled while they write the letters. Some examples my prekinders have done are: Do you like pizza? pink? Scooby Doo? chocolate milk? and many more.¬†Children go around the room asking other children their question, and writing the names in the yes/no boxes. If they don’t know how to write a name, they copy it from a name tag or ask the child to write it.

Write Room Survey

Download: Write the Room


  1. Deborah faust says

    Hi I absolutely love your work and the attention to detail you put into everything you do. I am especially thankful for the willingness to share you materials. I am a special education teacher and have used many of your items. I want to make small emergent readers like you have made with my students but don’t know how. can you help? Deb

  2. April says

    I love love LOVE your site! I wish I could list which I love, but I’m finding it difficult to find a starting point. I LOVE everything!!!!!!!!! Besides the polka dot theme, because I change up my classroom according to the curriculum theme, I would say, I use just about all your postings!!! I would use your site even if it was paid site. You’re an angel posting all these great things for FREE!!!!! I absolutely love the center signs. I could never get them right, and I hated the ones that I was buying. The ones you’ve made are exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you for all your hard work! I wish I could say, keep it coming, except I would feel way too ungrateful asking for so much.

    Love it. Thanks again!

  3. Bertha Vargas says

    You have tons of great ideas and I am so thankful that you shared them with us. I really love the Roll ‘n’ Write Game.

  4. Denisse Cortez says

    Your sight has been my saving grace more times than I can remember! Thank you for so graciously sharing all of your wonderfulness with the world. Not only do you impact so many more children and their learning experiences, but you also make a world of difference to the lives of many teachers!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! :)

  5. debbie Fussell says

    We’re using the Name Sort activity now in my K classroom. I modified it so that the students have to write words that have the letters of their name and then highlight that letter. Then I require at least three words that do NOT have letters of their name. So far, so good! Thanks for the great stuff!

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